the Academy of (almost) Anything

With the increasing availability and ease of use of digital tools and systems, both in the world of fabrication, biology and design, the possibility to solve problems locally is becoming greater every day. But it is often overlooked that the tools and means to build objects destined for everyday use, or to safely use synthetic biology to locally produce energy or medicine, is not at all easy or trivial.

The Academany is a new global educational structure offering high level education all over the globe, at connected sites offering the same infrastructure to all students. Note we do not offer online courses, but that all our classes are a combination of online live lectures and locally available tools, machines and consumables as well as local instructors and gurus.

Current classes are the Fab Academany - How to Make (almost) Anything, and the Bio Academy - How to Grow (almost) Anything.

In September 2017 a new class will be added called Fabricademy, about the mix of textiles, biology and digital fabrication.

Fab Academy is based on the MIT class How to Make (Almost) Anything as developed by Professor Neil Gershenfeld from the MIT - Bio Academy is directed by professor George Church from Harvard.