Although the Academany does not offer accreditation of any of it’s courses, students do receive a diploma stating the work that they have done at the successeful completion of any of the courses. Student webpages they use for documentation and review stay active after completion, and can be used as portfolios and examples of work done.

Since 2016, some labs based in existing educational institutes have started to create overlay accreditations, meaning they offer credits for some or all of the work done in the context of Academany courses. Below is a list of currently active accreditation including the institutes offering them, as well as institutes working on this.

Feel free to contact us via the contact page for more details, or help on getting this set up in your own University or school.

Currently active Accreditation for Fab Academy

  • FabLab Siena - Italy, Siena > ECTS ^
  • Fab Lab Tecsup - Perú, Lima > Specialization Diploma
  • FabLab Madrid CEU - Madrid, Spain > ECTS ^
  • Fab Lab Kamp-Lintfort - Germany, Kamp-Lintfort > Integration with existing degree programs
  • Fab Lab Oulu - Finland, Oulu > ECTS ^

^ (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System)

Work in Progress

  • Litchee Lab - Shenzhen, China
  • UBO Open Factory - France, Brest
  • Fablab Digiscope -France, Paris
  • Fab Lab Facens - Brazil, Sorocaba
  • Fab Lab Wgtn - New Zealand
  • Vigyan ashram Fab-lab - India, Pune
  • Vigyan ashram Fab-lab - India, Powai
  • Saxion FabLab Enschede - Netherlands, Enschede